15 Recommend Moving Tips

1. We always recommend using a lot of rope for loads

2. We like Scotch tear by hand packing tape the best.

3. For local moves it is always better to rent a bigger truck than you need and not too much more expensive

4. load you heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter stuff on top

5. It's always a good idea to buy plastic mattress covers for newer mattresses. Even ones that you just want to keep very clean.U Haul has them. Otherwise leave the mattress cover on it because it can always be washed.

6. Don't pack bottled bleach or detergents, we just had another indecent of some well intended person packing laundry soap onto an overseas bound container and one two gallon bottle burst. It was sad. Bleach can do real damage.

7. If you are considering taking your pet on a long trip, it may be prudent to consult a veterinarian first.

8. If you are using an ABF cleated ramp, we now know how to cover it with plywood to roll flat piano dolly's etc. on.

9. We know a family who has a Maersk container, aluminum loading ramp. We could arrange a rental. They are hard to get.

10. The rule of thumb to follow is the more wrapping the better the outcome. Even news paper and masking tape is better than nothing.

11. What type of rope to buy? 3/8" inch nylon or fiber rope is best. Try not to buy clothesline. How much? Usually 50'- 100' ft.is adequate. More is sometimes needed on longer trucks/trailers respectively.

12. We now recommend that especially for wood furniture that it is better to wrap it up with news paper and masking tape
then not to wrap it at all. You'll avoid scratches and dinging. Although moving pads and/or stretch wrap are better.

13. Tape all boxes top and bottom. Boxes have a 75 lb. weight limit on average.

14. Save your flat screen TV. boxes and re-use them for packing, they cost more than $20.00 to buy at a moving supply store.

15. If you are just moving onto wood floors for the first time we recommend felt pads for the furniture feet. You can buy them at any major hardware store.

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