Has Moving Left You with Cardboard Junk? Cardboard Box Recycling Tips

Moving to a new place can be an exciting experience! Going through all your items and deciding what to keep, discard, and donate can be a lot of fun as you reminisce on the memories you made over the years. Unfortunately, a part of moving involves waste production. Unwanted items, junk from the basement or garage, and used packing supplies often end up in the garbage, when they can be recycled or reused. If you’re wondering what to do with your cardboard moving boxes, here are some cardboard box recycling tips.

1.Store Them in a Dry Place

Cardboard boxes can be reused if they are taken care of. It’s easier to break down the boxes and stow them away in a closet, rather than purchase new boxes when you need them again. When you store away the boxes you plan to reuse, be careful to keep them dry. Wet cardboxes cannot be recycled and should not be kept in your home because they can lead to mould growth. Even small wet spots can prevent the boxes from being recyclable, unless they are cut out.

2.Check with Your Junk Removal Service Provider

Some junk removal service providers do not accept certain materials, so before you pile everything for junk removal, contact your provider to be sure they can remove your boxes. It is also important to keep in mind that your boxes will take up a lot of space in the bin. Breaking them down and folding them before placing them in the bin will enable you to fill more of your unwanted items in the bin.

3.Reuse Your Boxes

If you decide to keep your moving boxes, there are many different ways you can use them. Here are some options to consider:
  • Use them to protect your floors when painting
  • Cut your boxes and use them as drawer dividers
  • Decorate them in fabric or paint and use them for storage
  • Store items in your trunk, garage, or shed in the boxes
  • Create a cat playhouse
  • Store them for reuse when shipping items


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