Do you move potted plants? What’s your policy on wearing booties when asked?


At the owners risk and I always take a $40 cleaning fee because it makes a mess of the truck

Unless you are taking the booties on and off, it's tracks in more dirt than it prevents

We carry indoor work shoes. We supply runners. We will bring a truck crew and an inside crew. We charge extra for this, into the thousands , so few take us up on the option. We do not allow booties, we had a serious accident that the insurance company didn’t link to the use of booties, even though we were using booties and it was a slip/ fall situation. the insurance carrier  wrote a rider in our policy that accidents involving booties are dis allowed. This is the one in ten thousand moves, where we pad walks along walk routes  at turns etc. high dollar moves. 

  We move potted plants. we moved a collection of potted plants from a collectors private greenhouse to various museums he donated them to. I have an indoor plant specialist that packs plants for travel. We have moved plants 1500 miles before, but in a dedicated climate controlled truck, with 500 miles between overnight stops to get the plants under artificial light overnight. In 2016 we hauled. Some plants that the customer cultivated 40 years ago. Despite our best efforts, we lost one out of 20 plants. The one we lost was in poor health and the condition was documented by the plant specialist prior to the move and we had the customer sign a hold harmless and noted that that particular plant was compromised. The plant moving for us has been highly prized plants, not ordinary house plants, so the extra cost for the high level of service was warranted. 

Totally a slip hazard and lots of liability. 

🚫 to the booties. 


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