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We appreciate you taking the time to read some important information about our moving process below.
  • Booking an Appointment
    We accept local moving and delivery jobs on a first come, first served basis. The required fields on our request forms must be completely filled out to book an appointment. If you do not receive a response from us within 24 hours of your form's submission, please contact us to ensure that your request was received.
  • Appointment Confirmation
    You will receive an email confirmation for you scheduled appointment within 1 business day of the agreement of service. If you do not receive a confirmation email (in your 'Inbox' or 'Junk Mail' folders), please contact us to verify the appointment.
  • Appointment Timing
    Morning appointments typically begin between 8 and 8:30AM and afternoon appointments are generally scheduled between 1 and 3PM. The exact arrival time of our movers for afternoon jobs is contingent upon the completion of our morning appointments. If we are running later than expected, we will contact our afternoon appointments to communicate our estimated time of arrival.
  • Drive Time
    We are required by state regulation to charge for our services from the time our crew members leave our terminal until the time they return after the completion of a job.
  • Billing Increments/Minimums
    We charge a minimum of (1) hour on weekdays and four (4) hours on weekends and holidays. After the minimum charge, costs are incurred per 15-minute increments.
  • Our Equipment
    Our trucks come stocked with all the equipment necessary for our movers to execute your move in the most efficient manner possible. Hand trucks may not always be useful with several stairs or uneven terrain, but remain available and on hand.
  • Multiple Trips
    If a second trip between your new and old home is necessary to safely and efficiently transport all of your belongings without damage, the movers will communicate this at the origin site. You may accept this recommendation to add additional trips or you can elect to remove certain items to ensure a manageable transport in one trip.
  • Saving Time
    There are simple ways to save time (and money!) on moving day which include sealing and preparing all boxes ahead of our arrival, properly labelling items and communicating all your moving needs upfront.
  • Moving Time Factors
    There are several factors that determine the total time it will take to execute your moving services, which may include: number of boxes and other items like furniture, number of stairs, size of elevators and other spaces involved in transport (i.e. hallways, rooms, etc.), and how many items require disassembly and reassembly.
  • Workspace Congestion
    It's best to avoid workspace congestion by scheduling appointments with cable and phone technicians, painters, cleaners, and contractors at different times.
  • Flexibility
    Unexpected circumstances may arise from time to time that extend the total moving time from start to finish. We always do the best that we can to provide a safe, efficient, optimized moving experience and appreciate customer flexibility, as needed.
  • Payment Policy
    Cash, debit cards, or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) can be used to provide payment that is due at the time of completion. We are unable to send a bill for payment at a later date and we do not accept checks. No exceptions.

    Cash gratuities are always appreciated for a job well done.


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