5 Smart Ways to Save Costs when Moving to a New Home apartment or office

5 Smart Ways to Save Costs when Moving to a New Home apartment  or office 
If you plan to hire movers to help you move from your old home to new, then you need to understand everything you can about moving fees, costs and how to save money.  While it might seem overwhelming, it's critical to ensure you hire the best mover and that your move stays within budget. 
So before you sign your moving contract, find out what type of fees a mover can charge to make sure you don't pay too much for your specific type of move since not all moves are the same. Depending on whether you're moving locally - within the same city or town - or moving to another city within the same state or moving to an entirely different state or a different country, your move may require a specific type of fee.
We start with understanding what makes up a mover estimate or quote, then provide details of the different estimate types and finally, how to save money by knowing the extra fees a mover can provide charge you and specific ways to save money when hiring a moving company. 

1- Do You Know What Type of Move You're Making?
Before you learn about moving fees, you should understand the type of move you're making.  Mover fees and the type of charges you'll need to pay all depend on where you're moving to, how far, and whether you're moving to another city, state or country.  Know everything you need to know about types of moves before you even start looking for a good moving company

2-  Plan Your Move
The better you plan, the more you can potentially save. That’s as true in moving as it is in most other parts of life. Getting your moving cost estimates early on lets you know right away if that number is too high. If it is, then you have options for saving by possibly doing some work yourself or by following some of our other tips.

3- Everything You Need to Know About Moving Estimates and Quotes

When comparing moving company estimates, which should be something that you do before you decide which mover to hire, there are some essential facts you need to know to make sure you get the right mover for your particular move. 

Everything is negotiable, and this includes the original estimate you receive from your moving company. You may want to start by asking exactly what services you are being charged for. Once that is established, you can negotiate on things like distance, time, and the packing and unpacking of your stuff once it’s reached its destination.

5-Wrap Small Items Yourself
Many movers offer you the option of wrapping your items before you move. One cost saving measure is to wrap some of these items yourself, like the smaller items that won’t take as much time and effort. By doing this, you give yourself a bit more leverage to negotiate costs since you are essentially helping with labour.


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