How to packing and moving king size mattress in shrewsbury Massachuse

      Mattress is an expensive piece of furniture you’ll have in your house. Since we spend  almost 1/3 of our lifetime sleeping . You have bought  a king size mattress after you saved up and Invest time and money and looked through all the deals and the shopping around  and you committed and you bought  one in to your home. You have been sleeping like a baby wonderful mattress no back pain  all the sudden you have to move and you worried about my mattress and of different reason you may wanna pack and move  a king size mattress yourself you think is piece of cake since you all have to do is to load the mattress to the truck. Moving your ‏Valuable mattress without damages, moving king bed mattress is unique trying.
     King size mattress are usually about 80 X 76 inches also weight around  106 pounds  to 140 pounds packed in the box between manufacturers that’s quit larger and quite heavy . What make the mattress even difficult for packing and moving is that they are floppy’s and don’t always stay in shape and you will not able to move it by yourself without help and propers tools  and techniques with help too. Ask family member or friend to help you with the packing and moving  Or hire labor only to help you cheap,
   Here is :
What you need to move king size mattress ?
6  ratchets straps
2 moving blankets  ( rent)
2 mattress bags king size
1 duct tape
Right size box truck
2 helper ( friend or family)

How to pack and move king mattress?
It’s good idea  you have the mattress bag  or mattress protector if not using the mattress cover you leaving the mattress expo to dirt, dust and grimes add will get repoed bend and will not pounce like before and affect your sleep.
Follow manufacturers instructions, some mattress if they are espyif there’s made of memory foam or gel must stay flat

- before packing your king size mattress for you move make sure the floor around the bed or the mattress clean and some moving blanket laying around the bed, make sure the bath way  hallway stairs clear.

- remove all liners clear the mattress to be in the safe side leaning the king size mattress on the wide side it’s the best to place the mattress in a sunny window on your home to ensure no moisture or mold  and to make sure  %100 dry and spry it with air freshener .check your mattress carefully for any damages .

- Gently lay your mattress dawn in clean dry moving blanket, in order to do this you need plenty of room make sure your helper are comfortable to do this move if not ask another friend to joins the moving party, so make sure your moving space is empty, then gently open the mattress bags make sure is king size bag  place the bag over your mattress with your helper in the same time slide the  mattress bag on you still want to use some duck tape mattress is full secure in the bag.

- Strapping the mattress withe the ratchet straps from each end side to make it easy to lift the mattress without damaging the plastic bag and it’s easy for you and your helper to grabs

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- make sure that your exit rout is clear of  objects or furniture starting from the bed room until the moving truck  have your helper pick up one of the end side of the mattress the carry out to the moving truck make sure the moving truck floor covers with moving blanket to keep it out of dirt and not reorder the plastic bags if your king size mattress not floppy and can set in the wide side jus strap it to the wall to secure it . If your mattress is floppy’s and wiggles just keep it flat and try to lay it over the cargo load. Make sure you lay it flat to prevent it from getting damaged . And don’t stack any thing on top of the mattress while transportation since it can cause damage to the mattress top surface

You can also hire Jtr movers to pack and move the king mattress for you, the easiest way to pack and move your king size  mattress to have professional movers Shrewsbury Massachusetts these movers will do it for you so don’t hesitate to ask for help


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