Well Moving company move one pice of Furniture

        Hey Customer - We got this questions a lot here in Jtr movers Worcester, So i thought i'd like to take a stab to answering and offering some advice .

    First -- the simple, but frustrating answer -- it depends. There is a single item move service.
Because we specialize in furniture delivery moving related to small moves, Mini move or in home furniture, we can offer the best possible services on sofa delivery, dining room set delivery, mattress delivery. Our local furniture delivery service also cover antique furniture pieces. We can also provide mattress covers and blanket to protect the furniture.

There are three smart way before purchase heavy furniture and large appliances.

       1. planing and measure use tape measure doorway, staircase, hallway, planing how this big heavy piece of furniture will fit. in the delivery day the furniture  will't fit which can cost you return fee will added to you bill

      2. fit your need (lifestyle) 
also you need to think of need to it fit your room , think about how will look with the rest of the furniture, what works with kids and pets 

      3. stay with in the budget range  
don't fool with store credit card if it was you want to spend $ 800 . you will get approved for $2800 . Don't rush take your time. People take weeks looking and searching for the right piece of furniture

      appliances  ( refrigerators, Kitchen stoves, water heaters, washing machines)
when you purchase an New appliance $396 or more the retailer store we'll bring it to you for free
but when you order used appliances or second hand appliances, some of this appliances wight between 245 pounds to 420 pounds . Not sure how to move heavy appliances ( refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, side-by-side door refrigerator, top freezer refrigerator, french door refrigerator,and the monster sub-zero or counter-depth refrigerator. through the narrow stair case and small doors. could run in to few problems when moving this heavy large appliances well we::

    a-  We absoluteness recommend hiring professional movers to Handel this move its risky and need experience movers 
    b- Don't Use Shoulder dolly for appliances refrigerator up the stair or dawn the stair 

How to move a refrigerator without get hurt or damage the the propriety or the refrigerator ?
1- You need for this move

  • Two strong man  ( JTR Movers) 
  • Appliance dolly (Rental) Home depot
  • tools (Phillips screwdrivers, Allen wrench Set, stander Socket wrench )
  • plastic shrink wrap 
  • Ratchet straps 4 of them 
  • Box Truck prefer with lift gate (Rental)  
2- Remove refrigerator door off

  • Remove Plastic covers on top the refrigerator using the philips screwdrivers  
  • Disconnect the plugs and wires between the plastic cover on top the refrigerator doors 
  • Using the socket wrench and unscrew the top hing bracket free the door 
  • using the Allen wrench to unscrew the center hing bracket
  • remove freezer door shelves 
  • wrap the refrigerator with shrink wrap packing it for scratch free furniture Moving service in Worcester 
3- slide refrigerator out with caution strap on to the dolly tile back the dolly and another mover holding the bottom of the refrigerator take extra strength going down the stair or pull it up while you going up the stair the second movers control and push with you in the same time.

Dining Room Set With Hutch

A Modern formal dining room set is typical includes

  • Table and chairs 
  • Hutch (buffets, china cabinets)
Note :- lifting heavy Hutch or heavy china cabinets is the one of leading cause injury you didn't want that glass in the Hutch doors crack or Hurt you while you moving it 

Professionalism is a key feature of the company that wants to take leading positions in the industry. That is why JTR Movers makes everything to provide only premium services and deserve the trust of its customers. We have a wonderful team of professional movers and packers who have been specially trained for this work in  Worcester Massachusetts so should not worry about you valuables. Everything will be packed, loaded and transported carefully and safely. 

Well actually moving time and cost will be dependent on several factories :
  • Weight of furniture
  • How many flight of stairs and elevator 
  • how far the truck park
we are great at the nuts and bolts of our job and offer comprehensive service that are hard to come by. As important though, my team is trains to treat each furniture delivery as individual and consider their pacific need and be mindless of what they may be dealing with.

Do you need a Dresser, Armorer, Desks, treadmills Moved ?
what is being Moved_____________________________________?
can you send a Pic_________________________________________?
where the items_____________________________________?
when the work needed____________________________?


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