How Do I Prepare For a Moving Without Coronavirus (COVID-19)

         As the Coronavirus continues to spread a round the world,There are no approved treatments for any coronaviruse diseases. Dr Fauci cautioned that it could still take months,and even years .we also reconize that our moving service can be very valuable during this unprecedented time can help transport your belongs and keep  customer moving cross the region,7 days per week at your convenience
  • Cleaning 
  cleaning and disinfecting are an important part of protecting your home from coronavirus, as well as other germs. jtr movers to demonstrate how to takcle the hot spots in your household common area  like ( doornobs, lights switches, remots, tabels, hard- back chairs, handels, desks, toilets, sinks after the movers enter you home.
if surfaces are dirty, they should be cleand using a detergent or soapand water prior
  • Purchase Packing and cleaning supplies
  1. Matress bags or matress protecter and sealed with tape use alot of tapes excelant protction dont use the matress bags have small vents hol
  2. Movers stretched plastic Wrap it can use for hundred way to protect your furniture ( free hand touch) you can use it in tabel, dressers, night stand , coffee tabel, 
  3. trash bags it can be use to cover box to keep boxes clean free hand touch use to pelowes  you can unloud all the Boxes at you crage and despose the bags after the movers leave
  4. furniture covers use the to keep you sofa, chairs , excresice equipmant and any thing it will fit 
  5. cleaning supplys the cheapest way is clorox 1/3 cup mix with galon of water 
  • Label Boxes and Furniture in Smart Way 
  1. Draw a map to make it easy for the movers that you do not have direct contact with movers 
  2. send the Draw map by text and communicate with mover through call, text or facetime
  • Pack a suitcase as if you'll be away for a week includ toiletries, underwear and all other evry day essentials.
  • keep a box or two Marked clearly in red on all the side for thing you will use in the first 48 hors of arriving food and really basic kitchen supplies ( buy duplicate if it help)
  • be realestic and start packing early enough. you have many more boxes of stuff than you think you have ( think 3 or 4 times as much). also, be realistic about what you're going to use before the move.
  • have plan for your kid and pets ask any healthy member from you family of friends to keep your kid and pets  a way in the moving days
         Hire professional movers.
This really should be the number one tips.Hiring professional movers to get you in or out of your home is probably the best stress free moving tips ever. We do aii the work that you dont want to, and we do it safely ,quickley,and with smile.Nothing beat that 

      Moving process at the moving day 

That's exactly why JTR MOVERS wants to give you a few stress-free moving process . we know how aggravating packing up all your stuff is, Especially with ( COVID-19) may persist on surfaces for a few hours orup to several days. This may very under diffrent conditions(e.g. Type of surface temperature or humidity of the environmont)

  1. Get free estimate : Schadule a video Chat Estimate it's simple- all you have to do is video chat to get a free estimate of the cost of you move 
  2. Booking an appointment : we accept local moving and delivery jobs on first come first served
  3.  Our Equipment : Our Trucks come clean Disinfected spry helps protect the drivers,movers and customers from harmful germs and be use to spray the box truck surfaces and doors hansels ,dolles tools will be clean spray too fresh the air and kill bacteria and viruses we have 4 sets of dozen of blanket folded and in plastic bags for you move clean and washed after each move 
  4. Our drivers and movers : We are monitaring Our Drivers and Movers from the COVID-19 Pandemic and We make sure no one from our Movers or Drivers with the Syptoms will be in our facility or Truck and Our leader ship team is working closly with local and national authorities to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 will pe reported immediately customers or employee and employer , all Movers and Drivers Wear Disposable gloves while doing so, clean your hands immediatly after removing gloves
  5. Workspace Congestions : its the best to avoid worckspace congestion by schedulling appointment with 
  • cable and phones company
  • painters and contracters at diffrant time
  • for the customers living in apartment building make sure to contact your buliding mangment to book an elevator for the movers no one can use it 
  • make sure or post the moving date or go personal tell the tenats about you moving dates and times 
  • and please be honest to tell us about your situation 
              What to Expect at the Moving Day 
  1. we will Should let you know will in advance when the moving crew will show up. when they will do arrive the driver will contact you to get the drawing map by text 
  2. No Kids, pets or any of your loved is over 60  will be around in the moving day ,just one healthy adults  
  3. all communcations will be by text or face time 
  4. the team leaders will go start disinfecting 
  5. lower your heating below 60 drgress to keep mover cool while he moving   
  6. all movers will be wear Disposabel gloves 
Payment  policy  

we will not expect checks or cash you can paypal or zelle 


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