Complete guide to measure your space for sofa ( couch) delivery


    Buying a new sofa for a big move or home refresh built a new edition, bought a summer home, or just deciding to redesign a space is super exciting–but it can make for a big headache if you don’t measure your space for sofa delivery first. Although it may seem like a no-brainer, measuring a space before buying furniture is frequently overlooked and one of the biggest mistakes we see people make.Not only must you measure to ensure the large piece of furniture you bought will fit in your room, but you must also account for small doorways, narrow halls and curvy stairwells that can all pose a problem when it comes to delivery (and fees goes double if you’re working with a moving company or furniture delivery service, or if you need to move furniture from a small space to a large one or vice versa). In many cases, just an inch of space can make all of the difference and save you time when moving furniture. Avoid the headache, and learn how to measure your space quickly and efficiently in our handy guide below. 

  Step 1:  Measure the space

 Measure the height (A) and width (B) of all doors and hallways. When measuring the door, make sure you’re take the measurement inside the doorframe. You may not have as much space as you originally thought! Measure the clearance length (C) between outside and interior walls. 

  Make note of any corners that need to be turned in a hallway or on a staircase. Make sure to measure diagonally over here too.  Make note of any light fixtures, railings or any architectural impediments along the way.  

Measure the length from the entrance of the room to the far wall. You need this measurement to know if you will be able to bring the sofae into the room and be able to maneuver it easily into place.  

Caution—the piece will not fit into your home if either of these instances holds true:The piece's width (W) exceeds both the entryway clearance (C) and height (A).If entryway width (B) is less than all three of these measurements: the piece's depth (D), diagonal depth (DD) and height (H).

*TIPs*Any furniture you buy should be at least 4 inches less than the passage measurements to move it easily         


                    step 2 : How to measure for a sofa

 Width: Measure the width from arm to arm. Make sure that you are taking the width measurements at the widest point of the sofa.   

Height: Measure from the highest point but do not include the pillows if they are higher than the sofa frame  

Depth: Measure the depth of the sofa from the outside edge of the seat all the way to the back  Diagonal 

Depth: Measure by first placing a straight edge from the highest point of the back frame (do not include pillows) to the front of the arm. Then, using your measuring tape, measure from the bottom rear corner of the sofa up to the point that bisects the straight edge.  

                                                            step 3  : Measure your front door 

When You arrive with your new sofa, the first obstacle they're going to encounter is your front door, so it's important that you check it's going to fit through ahead of time. Measure the width of your front door frame (A) and, if this exceeds the height of your chosen sofa, it should fit through without any trouble.It's worth noting that, if there's an obstruction behind your front door that prevents it from opening fully, you'll need to open it as widely as it goes and then measure the space at its narrowest point. Again, if this measurement is larger than your sofa's height, you shouldn't encounter any problems.However, if this isn't going to work, Plan B will be to carry your sofa through the front door upright. To ensure this will be possible, you need to measure the height (B) of your door frame and check that it's big enough to accommodate the width of your sofa (W). You'll also want to have some wiggle room, so your furniture can be manoeuvred through as easily as possible.If you've taken all your measurements and aren't satisfied that your sofa is going to fit through the front door, you might have to look for another solution. For example, do you have a large window or another entrance that it might fit through?               


                                                       step 4  :  Measure your stairway  

          Whether you live above the ground floor in a block of flats or you've decided that you want to put your new sofa upstairs in your home, you're going to have to check that it will fit up the stairway(s). Much like you have with your doorways, measure the width of any relevant staircases at their narrowest point. If there are any landings, you'll also want to measure the depth (E), width (F), and height (G) to check that they won't cause any problems.Additionally, if your sofa will need to be lifted over a bannister, you'll want to check that there's enough space between the rail and your ceiling


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